DayCatcher Journal
Capture What Matters

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What is DayCatcher?

DayCatcher is a mobile app for Android that will change the way we interact with the world.  It will put in our hands the tool we need to capture, filter, and manage the vast amounts of information we encounter on a daily basis, and store and present it in a way that will help you remember the things most important.

Daycatcher is a Note Taker

DayCatcher is a Journal Maker

DayCatcher is a Relationship Manager

DayCatcher is a Personal Database

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DayCatcher is your Life Management System!

A few key features:

  • Associate contacts with your notes
  • Save frequent searches on the home screen
  • Attach Pictures to your notes
  • Cloud Based Security and Back-ups
  • 'Tag' your Notes for easy reference
  • Cutting edge user interface

With easy tag and search features, DayCatcher truly becomes your Personal Knowledge Database, allowing you to keep your memories readily available, secure and backed up on our secure Cloud Server.

Who is Daycatcher for?

DayCatcher is for anyone who wants to utilize cutting edge technology to help capture and remember the important things in life. 

A few Examples:

Personal Use:

  • Journal important life events
  • Create detailed home records
  • Store your important information
  • Develop stronger relationships

For Students:

  • Capture lecture notes
  • Save classmates contact Info
  • Record assignment Deadlines

For Business:

  • Remember agenda items
  • Develop contact database
  • Detail that client meeting
  • Reference project notes
  • Build your Professional Network

DayCatcher is for everyone!!